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In 2018 we hosted our first Fun Walk. This event was initiated by Captain Anton De La Harpe, who was already part of a running team called "The Three Cousins". Together they ran the Comrades Marathon in South Africa to raise funds for the South African breast cancer support group called Reach For Recovery.  He had personally experienced the devastating effect that breast cancer can have on a family, having lost family members to breast cancer himself.

The route was designed around the airport perimeter. It started at the airport perimeter of the holding point of Runway 07 Right and finished at Cathay City. The route length was approximately 5 km and participants were encouraged to wear Fly Pink shirts and caps. Careful coordination with the Hong Kong Police services made this event possible. It finished with a free hot dog and pink gin/ soft drink at the Cathay City Garden.  

2018 - Our First Fun Walk: News
2018 - Our First Fun Walk: Pro Gallery
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