Fly Pink Hong Kong 2022 Challenge

A fun activity to promote a healthy lifestyle and raise money for the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Society by offering 2 Virtual Activity Challenges namely a 12km Run/Walk and a 84km Cycling Challenge.

Fly Pink Hong Kong 2022 Challenge

Time & Location

25 Sept, 9:00 am HKT – 05 Nov, 9:00 am HKT

12 km Run/Walk or 84km Cycling Challenge

About the event

The Fly Pink Hong Kong 2022 Challenge consists of two free and fun events which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, increase public awareness of breast cancer as well as raise funds for the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Society.

The "2022 Fly Pink 12km Run/Walk" and the "2022 Fly Pink 84km Cycle" challenge represents the daily numbers and weekly numbers of Hong Kong women diagnosed with breast cancer.

For a donation of HKD100 or more towards the Fly Pink Hong Kong's Pink Walker fundraising page via the HKBCF's Pink Together 2022 campaign, participants can receive a limited edition participation medal, designed by Christina Ho, Boeing 777 Pilot @christtinaho.

Pink Together 2022 is the annual signature event of Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation.

For the Run/Walk Challenge, participants are encouraged to walk and/or run a total of 12 km to qualify for race completion. Any activity can be conducted in as little as 1km at a time. For the Cycle Challenge,  a total of 84km over the duration of the challenge will also deemed as race completion. This can be done in as little as 12km at a time. Activities can be started as early as 25 September 2022 and must be completed by 5 November 2022. Enjoy the challenge and have fun with it!

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